We offer baited Spring and Fall bear hunts along with a combo fall wolf and bear hunt. Just Wolf hunts are offered however not recommended due to the strange hunting regulations for wolf hunts only. Grouse and waterfowl hunting are also possible. Our bear hunts are second to none as any of our former clients will attest to.

You will be driven to one of our 7 bear management areas. where while you are getting ready in your stand (Tree, Ladder or ground blind) we will be baiting. We place our baits to take advantage of our blueberry crop and other factors. We return to pick you up when you shoot or at the end of the shooting hours.

In 18 years of bear hunting the average weekly bear sightings per hunters is 7 and as high as 16, with well over a 90% success rate of taking a bear home.We stress shooting large male bears with a 300# plus bear very attainable.Bears harvested range in color from all black to chocolate and cinnamon. White V’s, stars and crests on bears chests are also very common.

We take one group of hunters per week with a total of 16 hunters per season. All shots range from 14-25 yards. Spring hunts start the 3rd Saturday in May – June 15 while the fall is August 15- October 1. Our wolf season is September 15- October 1.

All bear hunts come with 7 nights accommodations, and a boat, motor, and fuel so you can fish when your not hunting(usually mornings) or done hunting. Hunts are 6 days. Assistance with tracking and skinning along with freezer service is provided.

Hunters are required to provide a Hunter Safety Certificate OR present a past or current BIG game Hunting License from your state of residence.

References available upon request.

We strive to make every hunt enjoyable and successful.